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Named after the thread count of mesh used for screen printing Textiles with 43 Threads Per Centimetre. 43T (Forty Three T) is a clothing company founded with the aim of producing the best quality eco-friendly garments with an individual & fashionable touch.  




We pride ourselves on producing high quality garments which are hand printed and dyed in our studios using high quality, eco-friendly inks and dyes on luxury fabrics. Every part of the design is done in-house, and all T-Shirts and Jumpers are hand printed in our studios. We also hand dye all our garments ourselves using patterns and techniques we have developed through vast experimentation.

We use water-based, eco-friendly inks for all our clothes. Most commercial clothing companies use plastisol (plastic based) inks, which contain PVC and phthalates. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and have been linked to a number of medical conditions. Water-based inks do not contain these harmful chemicals, and have a much softer, smoother touch.






Our T-shirts are manufactured using a 70% bamboo viscose and 30% organic cotton blend. This new technology in clothing is not only a renewable, eco-friendly resource, but is also an exceptionally soft material that makes great fitting tops. Bamboo also has natural anti-bacterial qualities, meaning you can wear one of our tops for many days without it getting smelly!

Most importantly, our products have brilliant sustainability. Bamboo grows incredibly quickly; it can grow up to its full height in as little as 8 weeks with no damage to the environment, making it a naturally renewable resource and the future of textile manufacture. Both our bamboo and our organic cotton fabrics are grown without the use of harmful chemicals and fertilisers.

Our combined profile of great quality garments, eco-friendly values and original designs makes us, and our customers, proud to wear 43T.